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Cultural roles and norms; The woman, as viewed within a cultural or traditional context is very likely to be empowered. Also because of the high rate of marriages or the make up of the traditional extended and polygamous family setup, most women have to adhere to strict rules concerning movement out of their homes, especially for those who are within the reproductive cycle or age range. These restrictions are imposed and mandated by such attitudes and barriers that create a control mechanism underpinned by cultural norms and tradition. In the event, cultural norms such as those which make the man the sole decision maker in the family or the belief that only vaginal delivery will make the mother become accepted as a “whole” woman in her community are not uncommon in rural communities.

The project’s objectives will include the following:                                                                                                                                                                                             

widening the understanding and acceptance of the concept of attitudinal change in the country.
creating an opportunity for a better awareness of good citizenship and how that impacts on development.
equipping young people for a better future by inculcating in them principles of good and active citizenship.


The Project will be delivered in partnership with the Committee on Attitudinal Change, local and International NGO's. The Project will set up a Secretariat for administration and identify staff and resources necessary for its operations. The office of the First Lady will have supervisory oversight for the project.


The main activity of the project will be training and information dissemination. This will be done by a combination of the following:
- Training – organize workshops, seminars and retreat for teachers and students;
- Radio Broadcast – weekly broadcasts across the country by a roving panel of experts;
- Television programming – discussions from experts on the above project;
- Speeches and public pronouncements
- Leaflets, posters and fliers, magazines, comics etc
- Resource packs for the children – i.e. 'Love Mama Sierra Leone' , There is dignity in Labor', 'Love one another',' Be a patriotic citizen'...
- Competition among Schools, i.e. a committee will be set up to monitor the schools that adhere to this project.
- Website and electronic information media