Hon Eustace King on Saturday 26 February 2011 led the people of constituency 103 ward 363 to give a rousing welcome to the First Lady Republic of Sierra Leone Her Excellency Mrs Sia Nyama Koroma when she visited the community on the invitation of the Community Development Organization.

In an address to the community Her Excellency Mrs Sia Koroma thanked the community for the welcome courtesies and expressed her joy to visit the constituency.

  The First Lady acknowledged the constraints to get water as earlier indicated in the statements made by the speakers and assured the community that she would consult with the Guma Valley Water Company authorities with the view to finding a lasting solution to the problem. On the issue of electricity blackout she reiterated that going by the earlier statements it revealed that the community was receiving light but the service need to be improved upon.

Addressing the bad road network the First Lady acknowledged that there were bad roads in the city as it were up country and therefore appreciated the urgent need to rehabilitate the roads in the Kissy community.

Her Excellency Mrs Sia Koroma admonished the youths to be patient as the present ruling administration was working assiduously to create employment and advised that they distant from activities that would land them into trouble.

To the school children the First Lady express her concern on their violent behavior especially after sport meetings and called on parents to help teach their children to change their negative attitudes in line with the agenda for change. She further encouraged the girls to avoid early sex and blamed parents who forced their girl child to early marriage which she under scored as a factor for early pregnancy.

She called on the parents to take necessary prescriptions and avoid sending their girls to seek for water at the very early hours of the morning.

Earlier statements were made by Hon Eustace King who thanked the First Lady for the visit in the middle of her busy schedule and catalogued the constraints of the community which included water, bad roads and electricity. Other speakers included the Western Area Tribal Head Chief Kandeh Sesay, community elders, the youth leader made statements.